Your Self-Image, Self-Care, Beauty, Fashion & Confidence Master Class

Here’s a question…

How is your aging journey going and how do you see it 10 years from now?

Saying YES to this course could mean the following…

More confidence as you transform outwardly with all new tutorials on skincare routines, makeup applications, haircare and wardrobe styling tips as well as inward growth in self esteem with Heather’s inspirational messages throughout the course

Enjoying the VIP Private Group of like-minded women who share their journeys with you and help you with your growth

Helping to create a world where aging women are no longer invisible and YOU are part of the strong women who are taking the steps to be confident and love themselves MORE each passing year

Meet your Mentor

Heather – from Awesome Over 50 and Loving Our Age Social Media

  • Popular YouTube Fashion & Beauty expert with over 9 million views
  • Former professional model
  • Chosen as an Ultimate Expert for Women’s World Magazine
  • Over 250,000 social media followers
  • Author of Awesome Over 50 with 50 Ways  to Embrace This Chapter Of  Your Life

A few testimonials from videos… 

You are an amazing lady and make those of us who are slowly easing our way into our older years so much more comfortable in our own skins. With age comes wisdom but it does not happen unless you have a mentor to guide you and teach you. You are one of my mentors and role models. You are a gorgeous, fabulous lady that makes a difference. You have made a difference in the world and changed the loves of others for the good. Jennifer A.

Heather – this is the winning attitude we should all maintain. I swear our mindsets can physically transform our outward appearances – Linda B

I am a retired school teacher and wanted to let you know how enjoyable it is to watch your videos. Your information is very helpful and your down-to-earth style of sharing your knowledge is quite refreshing – Carol

Thank you for being an example of embracing aging. I am at the cusp and starting to feel aging coming and I am trying to come to terms with it. Seeing your cheerful face is a comfort to me and I am sure to others – Amy


First and foremost you will receive a VIP invitation to a Private Group where you will find like-minded women to share the “Ageless Transformation” journey with you

With never-seen-before videos and content
Up close & personal with Heather

Transformation Phase #1
Mindset Matters

Transformation mindset message from Heather with her own personal story on how she lost her identity as a model when she gained weight from having children and needed a way to get her self esteem back

Introduction to the VIP Private Group

How to follow this course, tips & tricks

Observing obstacles that keep you in a rut

Transformation Phase #2
Clear the clutter

How to clear the clutter of stuff. Closets, drawers and other areas need to be cleaned up to make way for our transformation

Clearing the clutter that blocks us mentally when we are in a rut, including living in the past. How to re-arrange your life to enjoy the present and have dreams again for the future.

Transformation Phase #3
Sharing my personal skincare secrets

Sharing my personal nightime “me” time that is more like a pampering routine

My step by step cleansing & moisturizing routines including products plus suggestions for Drugstore dupes

Age spots, lip lines and other treatments that are simple, non-invasive and come out of a jar

Transformation Phase #4
How to apply makeup to aging skin to help it look glowing and natural

Help camouflage the signs of aging with under eye and age spot concealers, learn to upturn your downturned eyelids, fill in sparse eyebrows & more!

Tutorials on Minimal, Daytime & Evening makeup applications

Age spots, lip lines and other treatments that are simple, non-invasive and come out of a jar

Transformation Phase #5

Hair care products and tools I love to use to de-frizz, straighten and even add some curl

How I transitioned to my natural silver hair plus other proven ways to transition

How to keep being “Authentically YOU“. Long, short, bleach blonde or purple. How to think...”My hair and I don’t care!”

Transformation Phase #6
Why a sense of style matters

Let’s get out of a rut and the clothes that age you and into a sense of style, comfort and a youthful spirit.

Capsule wardrobe...20 pieces and 40 Outfit ideas

Drab to Fab" with styling tips

Transformation Phase #7
Owning it!

Putting it all together and intigrating self-care and self-love into the mix’

How I learned to stop excessive worrying

Self-talk and affirmations that have helped me

A Note from Heather…
Here’s to all the women who finish this course and realize, “There will never be another YOU! ”It’s time for us to join the celebrities who are proving that aging can be embraced. Let’s show the daughters of this world that aging is not to be feared but rather embraced with an awesome sense of self-confidence and attitude!